A bit about us
When you need to get things done, we’re here to help you.
We’re a creative team of Art Director (Steve) and Copywriter (Nigel), with over twenty-five years experience in the advertising industry, including fifteen of them at Saatchi & Saatchi in Wellington.
Since 2007 we’re available to clients who want to work directly with senior creatives who have all the experience that comes from years of working with big and small brands, in many categories.
We develop strategy and concepts, we write, art direct, and oversee production in all media. For example, the work you see on this website.
We also work with specialists including media, digital, and production people, when needed for your job.
A collective approach works extremely well for clients who are confident and happy about collaborating with ‘the creatives’ and like the benefits that come with that.
Our main guiding principle is that every piece of work we do with you has to resonate with, and be relevant, to the person buying your service or product. That means it needs to be remembered, loved  and/or acted upon, by the most important person: your customer.
Or put it another way, “we only have one client and it isn’t the client, it’s the client’s client”.
We always aim to clarify and crystalize our client’s product, service or message and engage audiences with a compelling creative idea. Without a big complex structure or a ‘cast of thousands’ we can work closely with you to do just that.
Finally, we think that the work should do all the talking, but we will mention that we’ve won awards at all the major creative award shows including... AWARD (Australia), D&AD (UK), Cannes Lions, ATV (Australia), AXIS (NZ), One Show, Clio and EFFIES. But it’s how the public judge the work that matters most.
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